Due to ill health and a desire to retire the last trading day for Flinders Shoes will be the 30th June 2024
In the meantime, we will be open on selective days and by appointment only.
I will accept orders for shoes that don’t require complicated soles and will undertake some repairs.
Closer to June 30th I will be having a closing down sale of shoes or if you see something you like in the window email me and make an offer.
I will be around mostly so can be contacted on via the contact link The shop for prints page will function as normal

'Steampunk' boots $250


See our new "Steampunk" lace-up boots

Woodblock prints

Woodblock prints available framed, mounted or flat. Local landscapes and coastal scenes. 

About Us

Born in 1989 our business has diversified until we now seem unrecognisable from our early beginnings. We started making shoes but now also repair shoes, and  a multitude of other small jobs. 

It is advised to ring us before visiting our shop to ensure that we are open

Our Services

  • shoes
  • boots
  • sandals
  • long boots
  • bags
  • repairs to shoes
  • repairs in general

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